Message of CEO
Message of CEO

Dear Colleagues,

Upon trade wars started in 2019 and under effect of pandemics in 2020, Turkey has also entered turbulence together with the entire world, and our working principles and living conditions have all been shaped by the turbulence and our priorities have all started to change entirely.

All world countries have started to prefer localization to globalization and to understand that the only way out is production and establishment of right cooperations.   

Electro-mechanic Industry has continuously been developing and also entered in a fast change and transformation process. It started to end its position of being the only industrial sector containing the best quality work force of the century and now has transformed into a sector providing contribution to development of all other sectors and increasing efficiency.

Almost all of High, Medium and Low Voltage electric equipment are produced in Turkey. In addition, sector has high expertise and experience in engineering, project and contracting services.

Turkey has become electro-mechanic industry base of Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa with production facilities of local industry as well as plants of sector’s worldwide leading companies in Turkey. Today selling products to over 180 countries, Turkish Electromechanic Industry made 4.7 billion Dollars export (excluding undertaking services) in 2020.

Sector’s export average unit sale price per kg is 7.1$ while country’s average kg price of export in 2020 is 1,2$. Our sector with medium technology providing employment for about 90.000 individuals by about 450 companies provides a significant value added to Turkey and  it affects minimum 2 million people together with it side industry and families of employees.

As EMSAD, we are aware of our heavy duty of and deserved pride of representing one of the most important sectors of Turkey.
With consciousness of our responsibility, our prior objective as new Management is:

  • Perform the projects kicked off by former management (such as Professional Proficiency Test Centre) in the best way and achieve the targets successfully,
  • Also advance in the path started by former management, to bring beneficiaries of the sector together, find out needs, problems and create solution proposals,
  • Create awareness within frame of studies for future of Electricity Market.
  • Our sector has a huge export potential. One of our primary purposes is to produce solutions for activate such potential.
  •  We also hope to grow EMSAD family as much as possible and offer service to broader masses.

Achievement of above mentioned matters can only be possible by means of team work. Not only management but also beneficiaries support will enable the success.

Our biggest objective is to deliver the flag delivered to us by former management successfully to the next management with no failure.

Our Association cares about granting special consideration for all requests and suggestions that will come from all private sector and public entities and persons regardless of being our member or not, and believes sincerely in benefits of solidarity and knowledge sharing in the sector.  If you wish to establish contact with our Association, your applications through our e-mail address or Association’s phone numbers will all be appreciated and welcome.  I would like to express that we will be at your service all the times with our Board of Directors and employees, and wish you healthy, happy and successful tomorrows.


EMSAD Electromechanic Industrialists Association
Chairman of Board of Directors of 2021-2022 Period

  Elektromekanik Sanayiciler Derneği
Ziyabey Cad. Dostlar Sitesi B-Blok
Kat: 8 Daire: 83 Balgat, ANKARA / TURKEY Phone: +90 (312) 284 40 32
Fax: +90 (312) 287 37 65
E-mail : emsad@emsad.org.tr
KEP (registered e-mail) : emsad@hs01.kep.tr
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