The Electromechanical Industry in Turkey has integrated its development with the globally recognized sector while such achievements have been realized through close follow up of the developments in the world since the year 1960.

In particular, the “Planned Development” strategy and “Mixed Economy” model produced for each five years period have been selected for Public Sector in Turkey while “Liberal Economy” has been selected for Private Sector. The “Liberal Economy”, as a model, has provided direct passageway to the “Free Market Economy”. As a consequence of the transition process, “Structural Changes” have been put into force both in public and private sectors. Thus, “Foreign Capital” has made substantial Technology and Capital Transfer to Turkey. As a consequence of the afore said changes and models, it has been probable to attain to technological development in a facilitated manner with the introduction of Research & Development and Innovation applications.

As briefly described above, our Association namely “Electromechanical Industrialist Association EMSAD” established in the year 1992 to promote developments in the electromechanical industry, has played a substantial role both in the formation of standards and the vision of the Association recently produced while it has become the pioneer association in this field. When taking into account the investments made by the public sector in the field of electromechanical sector, and the developments made through the production wise investments in the recent years, Turkey has become a power in its geographical area.

Naturally, thanks to the developments observed in the field of electromechanical sector, a considerably mighty “Non-Governmental Organization” has become a must as described above. Therefore, “Electromechanical Industrialist Association (EMSAD)” was established to meet this particular requirement. “EMSAD” moved its activities to the international level and received an invitation for membership from “T&D Europe, The European Association of Electricity Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Services Industry” established with the participation of the below listed professional organizations of eleven EU countries equivalent to EMSAD in the year 2011.

  1. AFBEL, İspanya (www.afbel.es)
  2. AGORIA, Belçika (www.agoria.be)
  3. ANIE Federazione, İtalya (www.anie.it)
  4. ANIMEE, Portekiz (www.animee.pt)
  5. EAMA, İngiltere (www.beama.org.uk)
  6. EMSAD, Türkiye (www.emsad.org.tr) 
  7. EDET sectie T&D, Hollanda (www.td-nederland.nl)
  8. FEI Fachverband der Elektro-und Elektronikindustrie, Avusturya (www.feei.at)
  9. GIMELEC, Fransa (www.gimelec.fr)
  10. SWISSMEM, İsviçre (swissmem.ch)
  11. ZVEI, Almanya (www.zvei.de)

Our Association became one of the members of the “T&D EUROPE, The European Association of Electricity Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Services Industry” on March 18, 2011 and took part in Executive Committee in an active manner. The starting point for membership to T&D is the contribution to be provided by our country in the formation of international standards. Our Association agrees that the participation to the meetings from Turkey should be provided and that comments should be made for the topics to be raised therein. Our members took part in the committees of the union and made every effort in the formation of the international standards through nominations within such committees.

The 2011 targets of the industry has already been attained as far as export is concerned and parallel increase has been observed for import. It is of vital importance to take the planned incentive measures at the earliest time in order to promote the production of the intermediate goods locally which increase the rate of export.

When taking into account the developments experienced in Turkey over the last 10 years linearly, the power demand increased to 9% in the year 2011 and reached to 229 billion kWh. To consume such a rate of energy, the establishment of “Smart Grids” has already initiated. Hence, the equipment has to be manufactured and marketed within the frame of the principles as so set out herein. The following products have become “World Brand” when the export prices of such electromechanical products are taken into consideration: These are summarized respectively as;

1 – Power Transmission and Measurement Transformers at Medium and High Voltage,
2 – Power Distribution Cables for Medium and High Voltage,
3 – Panels for Low, Medium and High Voltage and Protective and Control equipment.

The equipment mentioned herein is manufactured in accordance with the national and international standards and supervised by the laboratories internationally accredited by “Turkish Standards Institution” (TSE) which has control over all productions in Turkey. In addition, the products imported from the EU and the Third World countries are subject to “Market Surveillance” procedures by the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and TSE. The “Non-Standard Products” are blocked from the markets through such audits and such products can never be produced due to the substantial economic sanctions.

There exist “SUB COMMITTEES” within our Association as named below. As can be concluded through the studies of such committees in which 50 firms are included, the equipment of all type used in the industry is manufactured in accordance with the advanced technology and standards. The information concerning the variety of the products and the manufactured items can be obtained through the contact data of the firms mentioned herein.

On the other hand, direct investments are underway for the production of “Renewable Energy Equipments” as well as the “Subsidiary Industry”. In particular, the commencement to the production of “Carbon Fiber” in Turkey has paved the way for a new mission for the construction of “Wind Parks”. The same goes for the “Solar Power” due to the geographical location of our country.

Turkey, with its young population, background information and machinery park, sees opportunities both in its own land and in the region and has expectations therefore. In order to have some idea about the industrial productions in electromechanical sector in the territory of Turkey, the variety of the products offered by the firms which are the members of our Association and included in the “Sub Committee” can be accessed through the web sites of such firms as well as their contact data.

In addition to the activities performed by EMSAD in the past, we bring the activities which may give rise to solidarity and communication by and between the members of our Association and the other players within the industry to the front. We deem it the most significant target to have new members from various branches of our sector as usual.


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