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Areas of Activity

To realize its aim, the Association;

  1. Encourages all the industrialists, artisans, scientists and businessmen working in this area in Turkey including the public sector to join under the structure of the association and their organization so as to ensure the development of the electromechanical industry in line with the benefits of the country. Provides the tangible and intangible protection as necessitated by the industry and provides occupational support to its members for the economical development of both its members and the country.
  2. Indicates the vital importance of the free enterprise within the national economy and social structure in conformance with the economical principles and encourages the performance of its duty regarding the improvement of the country according to our national interests.
  3. By giving credence to the fact that the economical, social and cultural improvement can be realized within the economical capabilities of our country by democratic and scientific solutions via benefiting from the examples from all over the world, encourages the investigation of the national savings and orienting these savings to the public-wide capital market.
  4. By believing that our education problem should be considered in the first hand, performs supportive studies in this area such as educating qualified workmen, technician and expert managers both nationally and internationally, handling and management, productivity, public relations and workplace safety issues.
  5. By considering that our development should be within the framework of a stable social security and that the capital, labor and enterprise are the main components complementing one another, helps in the improvement of the laborer – employer cooperation in the manner most yielding and beneficial to the country’s development.
  6. By orienting the investments to the productive areas that are to provide foreign exchange to the country as per the priorities necessitated by the public interest, encourages the studies that are to support exportation and development plans. Cooperates with the private and official institutions regarding industrial development.
  7. Performs stimulative and guiding studies to provide competitive capability for the commercial and industrial institution of Turkey, being a candidate member of the European Union, both within and outside this union. Provided that the necessary permits are taken by conforming to the legislative provisions, cooperates with the relevant financial international institutions and similar establishment and associations, sends representatives as a member, or withdraws its representatives by terminating its membership.
  8. Ensures that the opinions of the industrialists and businessmen are valuated and made ready for to be utilized at the official bodies in order for the strengthening of the Turkish economy, performs stimulative studies regarding the reorganization of the industrial structure.
  9. Benefits from broadcast vehicles such as radio and television, newspapers, magazines, books, brochures and the like, organizes meetings, courses, seminars, conferences, congresses and panels. Takes the necessary initiatives for participation to national and foreign exhibitions and fairs.
  10. Cooperates with currently existing and to-be-established national and foreign private and governmental institution, chambers of commerce and industry, tradesmen associations, stock exchanges, occupational establishments, foundations, associations, unions and similar establishments either directly or via the institutions which it can communicate indirectly.
  11. Saves up real properties in relation to the activities conforming to the aim of the association, has the right to acquire, install, cancel and release every kind of rights in favor of the Association such as realization, easement, renting and preemption over the real properties including mortgaging. These operations can only be realized with the Decision of the Board of Managers.
  12. Supports research and development activities and supports the work and capability union among the member institutions and also between such institutions and the universities and research facilities.
  13. Performs supportive activities as considering the importance of education both overall and particularly in the area of electromechanics.
  14. By taking the opinions of the industrial businessmen and scientists for the enhancement of the Turkish electromechanical industry, informs these opinions to the official bodies, performs the necessary contacts and studies for to provide the required protection and encouragement.
  15. Performs studies to lower the costs with the aim of investigating national and foreign raw material resources.
  16. To pre vent the production of low-quality products at the relevant markets, helps the TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) and other governmental bodies.

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