Message of CEO
Message of CEO

Distinguished sector representatives,

As of today, the electromechanical industry sector has gained an important place in the Turkish industrial sector considering of its business volume, export potential and qualified labor force.

Our Association, which has succeeded to be the voice of the electromechanical industry manufacturers as a top sector organization and having 50 members, encourages a harmonious development in the manufacturing sector, supporting R&D works and promoting our manufacturers in the international markets .

Our association since the establishment date of 1992, continues to increase the number of  sector companies that are active in manufacturing and service working in quality and in accordance with international standards in the electromechanical industry sector so that Emsad supports the healthy development of the sector. 

Our sub-committees, which are composed of technical experts having the knowledge for products and services within our association, continously work on specific issues requiring expertise in communication with local and foreign companies of the sector and produce solutions to possible problems.

As it is known; our association is being one of the  member association of the European transmission and distribution Association which has been founded by the electromechanical industrialists operating in the electricity transmission and distribution sector in Germany, France, Austria, England, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Switzerland, takes an active role in the executive committee and carries out its duty successfully.

We believe that being in the same communication network with the international companies and having an active role in working groups will bring our members new business opportunities by carrying our sector to the international dimension.

EMSAD continues to increase its contribution to the development of electromechanical industry. The success of our members having reputable positions both in our country and in the world by manufacturing in accordance with world norms in the electricity and energy market, makes us happy and lead us to look at the future with hope.

The current market situation enforces us to come together in order to find solutions to our problems of our sector in every platform, believing that the difficulties in the electricity market can only be overcome by becoming a significant power for our sector.

Hereby, I would like to state that Emsad board  is open to all kind of contributions and ideas coming from our members and once again emphasizing that  we will always be at your disposal in all matters.

I wish you success in health and happiness.

Sincerely yours,

Serdar ÜNSAL
EMSAD 2019 – 2020 Chairman of the Board

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