Message of CEO
Message of CEO

Dear Colleagues,

Energy is one of the major drivers for the social and economic development and the energy need of our country and our region increases day by day.  Countries are developing their energy policies to supply their energy needs in a sufficient, sustainable, economic and environmentally safe manner.

Fast increase of electricity demand in our country continues despite having influenced by local and international economic and geopolitical crises. Although the privatization of the energy sector increased the investments and competition in the sector, it brought some concerns regarding the quality of the equipment used especially in the distribution sector. One of the main concerns of our association is to upgrade the technical and administrative specifications for the purchase of the equipment that will be used in the transmission and distribution systems together with the relevant investors and fighting with the usage of the substandard equipment in Turkey.

The subcommittees of our association categorized by equipment and service items in electricity sector are formed of technical experts of member companies and working on and finding solutions for the sector specific problems in collaboration with local and international counterparts.

In our region, the internal unrest in our natural markets such as Iraq, Syria, Libya and the budget cuts in the oil and gas exporting countries due to low prices reduced the investments significantly.  Like 2016, this situation will impact the electromechanical sector together with the other exporting sectors negatively also in 2017.  Although the drop in the investments in the region will result in big opportunities and investment budgets in the future when the investment climate brightens, for near term our sector needs to open new markets for their products.  Therefore, our association will focus on penetrating to new markets by organizing targeted visits and promotional meetings especially in African countries in this period.

All the current developments increase the importance of our association.  Our association that was established in 1992, continues to gather the quality sensitive manufacturing and contracting companies that are operating as per the international standards of electricity sector under its umbrella and supports the healthy development of this more than ever influential sector.

Today Turkish Electromechanical Sector has the capability and know how to produce, install and operate all the products and services required in the electricity sector from low voltage to extra high voltage levels as per the international and high quality standards.  Resulting from the reached quality and capacity levels, yearly exports of the sector passed 2 billion USD level.  To support R&D activities and export potential of the sector, our association is strongly lobbying for the establishment of a High Power Short Circuit Test Laboratory in Turkey which is highly needed by the sector.

Regardless of the source of the inquiry, all the requests and suggestions that reaches to our association are evaluated with due attention.  We sincerely believe in the importance of mutual collaboration and information exchange in the sector.  If you want to contact, please kindly reach us through the e-mail address and telephone numbers mentioned in this leaflet.


A. Kartal Usluel

EMSAD Chairman of the Board
May 2017

  Elektromekanik Sanayiciler Derneği
Ziyabey Cad. Dostlar Sitesi B-Blok
Kat: 8 Daire: 83 Balgat, ANKARA / TURKEY

Phone: +90 (312) 284 40 32
Fax: +90 (312) 287 37 65

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